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I am a senior majoring in Mathematics, and Computer Science in the Turing Scholars honors program at the University of Texas at Austin. I have broad interests in databases, and its intersection with cryptography, privacy-preserving algorithms, and program synthesis. I like working on practical ideas that are strongly rooted in theory. I do research as a part of the UT Networked Systems lab advised by Aditya Akella, and UToPiA group, advised by I┼čil Dillig . Outside of school, I enjoy playing the guitar a lot, and am a big fan of the Blues, and rock. I really like cooking (and eating) all sorts of food. I also quite like watching NBA.

I grew up in Noida in India, but also spent time living in Hyderabad, Pune, and Mountain View, CA.



Teaching Assistant: Honors Discrete Math CS311H Fall 2019, 2020


SIGMOD Student Travel Award 2022
Undergraduate Research Fellow, UT Austin Spring 2020
2nd place, Albert A. Bennett Linear Algebra competition Fall 2019
Ajit B. Ramchandani endowed Presidential Scholarship 2018

Lecture Notes

Distributed Algorithms

Slides based on Nancy Lynch's textbook. TeX available on request.
  1. The Synchronous Model and Leader Election
  2. Algorithms in General Synchronous Networks
  3. Minimum Spanning Trees
  4. All-Pairs Shortest Paths
  5. Topological Structure of Asynchronous Computing I
  6. Topological Structure of Asynchronous Computing II
  7. Mutual Exclusion I
  8. Consensus
  9. Dining Philosopher's

Complexity Theory

  1. Circuit lower bounds for PH, Karp-Lipton Theorem
  2. Karp-Lipton Style Theorems
  3. Natural Proofs Barrier
  4. Razborov-Smolensky, constant depth lower bounds for PARITY
  5. Relativization Barrier


Theory Thing Episode 5: P vs. NP and the Relativization Barrier pdf
CS388T Project: Karp-Lipton Style Theorems pdf

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