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I spend my time coding, helping others code and hanging out with my husband. I love computer science for the challenge it presents but also the creativity it allows me to have in my solutions.


Megan Avery

20 years old

Austin, Texas


University of Texas @ Austin

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Graduating: May 2016
GPA 3.98


University of Texas

Austin, Tx

August 2014 - Present

Undergraduate TA
Assisting Dr. Alison Norman with Principles of Computer Science

  • Lead discussion sections
  • Hold office hour to assist students with large scale operation systems projects
  • Grade coding projects and exams

Union Pacific
RailRoad - IT

Austin, Tx

May 2014 - August 2014

Summer Intern
Added chat functionality to an internal application used by Union Pacific employees and migrated a portion of the website into AngularJS.


  • Became familair with an existing code base and learned how to work with legacy code more effectively
  • Chat functionality was released into production during internship
  • Learned AngularJS

University of Texas

Austin, Tx

August 2013 - December 2013

Undergraduate TA
Assisted Dr. Nandakumar with Intro to Computer Programming

  • Held office hours in the lab to help students with code
  • Graded exams and coding projects
  • Held review sessions for midterms and the fnal
  • Proctored exams

The Home Depot
Data Center

Austin, Tx

August 2014 - Present

Web Developer: Summer Intern
Developed and maintained a dynamic internal web page from scratch with the ability to upload, view, compare and trend the web page performance test results.


  • Learned new programming techniques and languages
  • Designed Mongo Database entries
  • Wrote Python script for mining data to display with test results



Spring 2014

Expanded an existing C code base with partners to fully implement a toy OS with:

  • Priortity scheduling
  • Argument passing on the stack
  • System calls for user programs
  • Virtual Memory
  • Multi-level indexed file system


Programming Languages

Java, Python, Perl, C

Web Design

HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Spring Framework, Maven, Servlets, JQuery, AngularJS

Database Systems


Server Products

Apache Tomcat


Women in Computer Science (WICS)

TIP Scholar Program

Nell Dale Mentor Program: Mentor