My Experience

Melo - Software Intern
June 2022 - August 2022
  • Led the development of several features such as push notifications as well as integration with apple music and firebase
  • Designed and implemented elements with Flutter following the model, view, controller architecture
  • Effectively worked with a team to debug issues and enhance the user experience
  • Skills learned: Flutter · Firebase · Cloud Firestore · REST APIs · Collaborative Problem Solving
UT Dallas - Summer Research Intern
June 2022 - July 2022
  • Researched under Dr. Gopal Gupta of the Applied Logic, Programming Languages Lab
  • Worked with Prolog and the logic programming paradigm to solve logic based problems
  • Learned how to implement the Fold-R++ algorithm to turn data into a set of logic programming rules in Prolog
  • Expanded understanding of Explainable AI and its applications in real world problems
  • Skills learned: Prolog · Logic Programming
Front of House Employee - Chick Fil A
May 2021 - Nov 2021
  • Working with a team to provide a positive customer experience
  • Communicating effectively with customers to cater to their needs

My Projects

FISD Course Catalog

Using flask, html, css, and jinja2, I made a website that took the static PDF course catalog for Frisco ISD (my high school district), and turned it into a searchable database that makes it easier to find courses.

Analysis of Rap Music

Using python and several music data APIs, a friend and I trained a model to identify if hip hop lyrics contained themes or racial injustice, and then graphed the percent of the top songs that dealt with that issue each year.

Analysis of Momentum Shifting Plays

Using python, I analyzed game data for every NFl game from 2013 to 2021 to see how an offense's performance increased after their defense got an interception, and also how an offense's performance worsened after they threw an interception, to see if "momentum" exists

My Skills

  • Fluent in Java and Python
  • Proficient in Javascript, C#, and Swift
  • Node.js, MongoDB, Express.js
  • Currently learning React
  • Familiar with Prolog and Logic Programming
  • Flutter and Firebase
  • Model, View, Controller architecture
  • How to use and design REST APIs