Hey there! Welcome to my Website!

My name is Miguel Angel Ramirez Jr. Some people call me Mikey or Mike but I have no preference. As of now, I am currently studying Computer Science at UT Austin.

I am currently a fourth year CS student at UT. God willing, my goal is to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Certifications in Information Security and Mobile Computing around May 2016.

If you need to contact me, go ahead and send me an email. Please be specific with your emails and I'll respond to your messages as soon as possible. Also, feel free to use the media icons at the bottom right side.

What starts here changes the world! So, GO FOR IT!

***This website is out of date but Resume is up to date***

In case you happen to have some spare time, I included a selection of my favorite programming jokes & pictures. Credit goes to xkcd for the original pictures. Enjoy!