The Miranker Laboratory


Active Projects:

  • Morphster, Image-Driven ontology editing for systematic biology
  • Ontobrowser
  • Ultrawrap, Integrating legacy RDBMS with the Semantic Web
  • RNA Sequence Alignment and Comparative Analysis
  • MoBIoS, The Molecular Biological Information System


Bioinformatics Students:

  • Donghyuk Shin
  • Yanan Jiang
  • Smriti Ramakrishanan
  • Hamid Tirmizi
  • Lee (the Parnell) Thompson

Computer Science Students:

  • Juan Sequeda
  • Ferner Cillioniz
  • Rudy Depena

Former Students: a page from the old web site.


  • Professor Oscar Corcho Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
  • Professor Robin Gutell, Integrative Biology and the Center for Computation Biology and Bioinformatics
  • Professor Edward Marcotte, Chemistry and the Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Professor Gregory A. Riccardi, Florida State University, Morphbank
  • Dr. Weijia Xu, Texas Advanced Computing Center