Ontobrowser is an interactive ontology navigator and ontology-based image retrieval system. It makes use of an ontology to retrieve images. It provides the user with the ability to interactively navigate an ontology from any online workstation. It also gives the user a very powerful feature of being able to view images that have been associated, or described, using terms and concepts from the underlining ontology.

Ontobrowser has been extended to allow images to be retrieved from foreign databases, particularly the Morphbank image repository at Florida State University. For Ontobrowser to work, the constructed ontology must be exported to a relational database that Ontobrowser will read and interpret. The database used is a centralized database that contains all the information that is required for a properly functioning system.

Ontologies developed using Morphster can be directly published online using the Ontobrowser web application.

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Funding Acknowledgement

We greatly thank the National Science Foundation (NSF), award 0851052, Data Integration Services for Biodiversity Informatics.





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