Grading Criteria for Programming Assignments

A. Program Design (25%)
Rating Criteria
25 Solution well thought out
15 Solution partially planned out
05 ad hoc solution; program "designed at the keyboard"

B. Program Execution (20%)
Rating Criteria
20 Program runs correctly
12 Program produces correct output half of the time
04 Program runs, but mostly incorrectly
0 Program does not compile or run at all

C. Specification Satisfaction (25%)
Rating Criteria
25 Program satisfies specification completely and correctly
15 Many parts of the specification not implemented
05 Program does not satisfy specification

D. Coding Style (20%)
Rating Criteria
20 Well-formatted, understandable code; appropriate use of language capabilities
12 Code hard to follow in one reading; poor use of language capabilites
04 Incomprehensive code, appropriate language capabilites not used

E. Comments (10%)
Rating Criteria
10 Concise, meaningful, well- formatted comments
06 Partial, poorly written or poorly formatted comments
04 Wordy, unnecessary, incorrect, or badly formatted comments
0 No comments at all

F. Extra Credit (10%)
Rating Criteria
04 Programs that usefully extend the requirements
03 Programs that use a particularly good algorithm
03 Programs that are particularly well written or use the capabilities of the language particularly well