Home Work Assignment 5 (due 22 Feb 2019)

For this homework assignment you will do a layout for the newspaper, The Daily Clarion. The layout will be done completely in CSS. You want to study Tutorial 9: Liquid Three Column Layout before you get started. You can use the layout described in this tutorial as a template for your newspaper design. I also suggest that you look at online newspapers and study their layout. Make a pencil drawing on a graph paper before you get started. This is the three column layout we started in class and its style sheet.

Your newspaper layout will have the following sections:

I am not interested in the actual text that make up the news stories. I want you to create fake news for each of the sections. All of the links could point to a single blank page that points back to this page. You can be creative in making the headlines but they should be relevant to the section heading they are under. Make the headlines brief but intelligible.

I suggest that you upload your own pictures that you have taken with a digital camera. Once again the pictures should be relevant for the story. If you are using images downloaded from the web be sure to read the terms and conditions and abide by them! Most "free" sites of images require that you acknowledge them in your web page. You can put the acknowledgment in the footer section of the newspaper.

I would recommend keeping the html and css files, and the images in the same directory (hwk5) that you have created for this assignment.

All your links should work. They should all point to a single page that will have a link back to the newspaper homepage. Your html page should validate with the HTML validator. Your external stylesheet should validate with the CSS validator.

You want to test your layout in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. For this exercise, positioning text and images and choosing the right fonts are far more important than adding color. When you are finished with the assignment, please put a link in the table in your index.html page in reverse chronological order by 11 PM Friday, 22 Feb 2019. You do NOT need to send me or the student assistant an e-mail notification.