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Michael J.Q. Zhang

Email: mjqzhang [at]
Twitter: @mjqzhang
Github: @mikejqzhang
Google Scholar: here
Pronouns: he/him


Hello! I am a second year PhD student in computer science at UT Austin. I am fortunate to be advised by Eunsol Choi. My primary research interests include machine learning and natural language processing.

Prior to UT, I received my undergraduate degree in computer science at the University of Washington, where I worked with Noah A. Smith. I also spent some time at Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Research (working with Yu Cheng) and at Unbabel (working with André F.T. Martins).


  1. Entity Cloze By Date: What LMs Know About Unseen Entities
    Yasumasa Onoe, Michael J.Q. Zhang, Eunsol Choi, and Greg Durrett.
    NAACL 2022 Findings (Short)
    [dataset / code]
  2. CREAK: A Dataset for Commonsense Reasoning over Entity Knowledge
    Yasumasa Onoe, Michael J.Q. Zhang, Eunsol Choi, and Greg Durrett.
    NeurIPS Datasets and Benchmarks 2021
    [project page] [dataset / code]
  3. SituatedQA: Incorporating Extra-Linguistic Contexts into QA
    Michael J.Q. Zhang, and Eunsol Choi.
    EMNLP 2021 Outstanding Paper Award
    [project page] [slides]

  4. Document-level Neural MT: A Systematic Comparison
    António V. Lopes, M. Amin Farajian, Rachel Bawden, Michael Zhang*, and André F. T. Martins.
    EAMT 2020
  5. Deep Weighted Averaging Classifiers
    Dallas Card, Michael Zhang*, and Noah A. Smith.
    ACM FAT* 2019


*It has recently come to my attention that there a more than a few Michael Zhangs out there. As of 2021, I've decided to publish under the full name Michael J.Q. Zhang.

According to my father, I was named after three other MJs. In no particular order, they are Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, and Michael J. Fox.