Accepted Demos


Jill Burstein and Daniel MarcuTranslation Exercise Assistant: Machine Translation for Automated Generation of Translation Exercises for Native-Arabic Speakers Learning English
Terence Clifton and William TeahanQITEKAT: Question Inference Tools Employing Knowledgeable Agent Technologies
James R. Glass, Timothy J. Hazen, D. Scott Cyphers, Ken Schutte and Alex ParkThe MIT Spoken Lecture Processing Project
Barbora Hladka and Ondrej KuceraPrague Dependency Treebank as an Exercise Book of Czech
Thomas Hoeft, Nick Cramer, M. L. Gregory and Elizabeth HetzlerBridging the Gap between Technology and Users: Leveraging Machine Translation in a Visual Data Triage Tool
Ayako Hoshino and Hiroshi NakagawaWebExperimenter for Multiple Choice Question Generation
Kyungduk Kim, Yu Song and Gary Geunbae LeePOSBIOTM/W: A Development Workbench for Machine Learning Oriented Biomedical Text Mining System
Adam Lopez and Philip ResnikPattern Visualization for Machine Translation Output
Ana-Maria Popescu, Bao Nguyen and Oren EtzioniOPINE: Extracting Product Features and Opinions from Reviews
Vasin Punyakanok, Dan Roth, Mark Sammons and Wen-tau YihDemonstrating an Interactive Semantic Role Labeling System
Manny Rayner, Nikos Chatzichrisafis, Pierrette Bouillon, Yukie Nakao, Hitoshi Isahara, Kyoko Kanzaki, Beth Ann Hockey, Marianne Santaholma and Marianne StarlanderJapanese Speech Understanding using Grammar Specialization
Graham Russell, George Foster and Ngoc Tran NguyenAutomatic Detection of Translation Errors: The State of the Art
Max SilberzteinNooJ: a Corpus Processing System based on Large-Coverage Linguistic Resources
Arman Tajarobi, Jean-Francois Garneau and Francois ParadisMBOI: Discovery of Business Opportunities on the Internet
Lucy Vanderwende, Gary Kacmarcik, Hisami Suzuki and Arul MenezesMindNet: an automatically-created lexical resource
Fuliang Weng, Lawrence Cavedon, Badri Raghunathan, Danilo Mirkovic, Ben Bei, Heather Pon-Barry, Harry Bratt, Hua Cheng, Hauke Schmidt, Rohit Mishra, Brian Lathrop, Qi Zhang, Tobias Scheideck, Kui Xu, Tess Hand-Bender, Stanley Peters, Liz Shriberg and Carsten BergmannA Flexible Conversational Dialog System for MP3 Player
Theresa Wilson, Paul Hoffmann, Swapna Somasundaran, Jason Kessler, Janyce Wiebe, Jejin Choi, Claire Cardie, Ellen Riloff and Siddharth PatwardhanOpinionFinder: A System for Subjectivity Analysis
Fan Yang and Peter A. HeemanDialogueView: an Annotation Tool for Dialogue
Roman Yangarber, Lauri Jokipii, Antti Rauramo and Silja HuttunenInformation Extraction from Epidemiological Reports
Liang Zhou, Erin Shaw, Chin-Yew Lin and Eduard HovyClassummary: Introducing Discussion Summarization to Online Classrooms