Instructions for ML Group Publication manager

At Camera Ready:

  1. Create directory for latex source of the papers, for posterity:
    cd  /u/ml/papers # directory with latex file
    ls | sort -n | tail # get highest-numbered files
    mkdir [whatever-the-next-highest-number-is]
    After you've created the directory, put the latex and image and whatever else files needed to generate the paper into it.
  2. Make the directory group writable in case it needs to be edited by a future publications manager, that is
    chmod g+w
  3. Add the appropriately-named paper (see the other papers for the convention---it's usually [lastname].[conference].pdf) to the directory
    , and make sure it's world-readable (that is
    chmod a+r
    if needed).
  4. Add an entry in the AIDB for the paper, at
    • Conference papers are type @inproceedings, journal articles are type @article, UG and MS theses are type @misc, PhD dissertations are type @phdthesis.
    • Make sure to enter an "ML Paper ID." This will be the directory name you created to put the LaTeX source into (and will therefore be a number).
    • If the PDF doesn't have info about what conference it appears in, you probably want to select "Stamp Citation on PDF," which puts it at the top of the first page. However, make sure to examine the PDF to ensure nothing got messed up (this operation modifies the PDF, which is prone to rare errors).
    • After the initial creation, at the bottom, selection "Areas" from the "Modify relations to ___" menu and add some area labels. Use your judgment about what areas the paper relates to.
    • You'll probably want to select "to appear," but this isn't crucial.
    • Ask the last publication manager for the ai-lab site username/password (or the person currently managing the AI Lab site).

After the conference/talk/whatever:

  1. If there's an official conference PDF with page numbers and the conference venue stamped on it, I like to replace the PDF with that one, and unselect "Stamp Citation on PDF."
  2. Add page numbers to the ai-lab site's entry, if the conference has page numbers.
  3. If there's slides, add them in the slides field and put the slides into
    . Ditto if there's a poster, in the
  4. Unselect "to appear."

General ongoing tasks:


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