Aloysius K. Mok

Quincy Lee Centennial Professor in Computer Sciences

B.S. in Electrical Engineering (1977), M.S. (1977), Ph.D. (1983)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Professional Service

Areas of Interest

Fault-tolerant hard-real-time systems, system architecture, computer-aided system design tools, and software engineering

Summary of Research

I am currently conducting fundamental research in the area of distributed real-time systems. My primary concerns include specification techniques for real-time systems, algorithms for guaranteeing stringent timing constraints and understanding the trade-off between the robustness and response times of time-critical systems. The goal is to develop a formal framework for automating the analysis and synthesis of robust real-time systems. Application areas include robot control systems, avionics software and industrial process control systems. Funding is being provided by the Office of Naval Research to develop a highly automated design environment for real-time systems.

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