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profile.jpg Hello, my name is Matthew Rayermann. I am a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin and I am pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. I am from Grapevine Texas, where I attended Grapevine High School. After spending a few years creating programs on my TI-86 calculator, I began studying computer science during my sophomore year of high school. I took PreAP CS, then AP CS, and then during my senior year I was teacher aide for the AP CS class. As teacher aide I helped teach the class and I was also given the oppertunity to spend time creating my own projects. During my junior and senior years, I also competed in BPA's Java Programming competition where during my junior year I went to the state level, and then during my senior year, I advanced to the national level and placed 5th in the nation.

Here at UT, I'm currently taking Algorithms and Introduction to Networks, along with a few other non-CS courses. Over the summer I was an intern at Raytheon in Garland, TX where I was placed on an internal research project that focused on cloud computing. I gained valuable experience in agile software development, practiced programming with Python, and worked extensively with CouchDB. This coming summer I will be working at Rackspace in San Antonio.

Most recently in my personal time I have been working on a complete rewrite/remaking of a Java game I created in high school. You can read about the project (and the original) on my personal projects page, or check out the source code on my github.

You can find more information about me and various projects below. If you would like any code feel free to request it if you cannot find it on my GitHub.

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