Naveen B. Rajshekhar

B.S. Computer Science (2013-present)
Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin

Contact Information:
Phone: 678-665-4382
Address: 1802 West Avenue Apt 224, Austin, Texas 78701

Computer Science Coursework

Introduction to Programming
Discrete Math for Computer Science
Data Structures
Computer Organization and Architecture
Principles of Computer Systems
Modern Web Applications
Computational Evolution
Data Management
Object-Oriented Programming
Information Retrieval and Web Search


Summer Intern, SensorWeb Lab, Georgia State University, June-July, 2015

Worked on several projects including Javascript games and Javascript/JQuery access to a MySQL database via RESTful Web Service calls (available at Javascript projects) and a Relational Algebra interpreter written in Java (available at bitbucket).

NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU), Georgia State University, May-July, 2014

Implemented a graph storage system in Java for a research project related to efficient query processing in large graph data (code available at Graph Database).

Summer Intern, SensorWeb Lab, Georgia State University, June-July, 2012

Developed several Android apps ( Summer Internship Report).