Over the years, I've had the opportunity to teach several courses. While many of these courses were available only on University-related systems (i.e. Blackboard or Canvas), I have also employed the use of my own webpage for parts of other classes. Here is a short synopsis of these courses:
LanguageCourse Title & LinkDescription
Perl CS 105: Perl A course taught to upperclassmen on Perl programming. This was a short-course taught over a period of 7 weeks.
Python CS 302: Computer Fluency A course on computer fluency taught to non-majors. The majority of the course was non-programming and the materials were located on Canvas, but a third of the class focused on programming, and the materials are located here.
C++ KAUST Computer Science A course taught in C++ to a KAUST pre-collegiate program. Most of the materials were moved to Canvas, but the syllabus (including course schedule) is still available.
Java ACES Java Programming 1 & 2 A summer course taught at the ACES facility to middle school students seaking to learn programming basics. The course was focused on graphics, and a heavy use of Processing can be seen.