I'm Nikita, an aspiring computer scientist with multidisciplinary interests. I'm curious about delving into research at the intersection of operating systems and security. I'm excited to learn more about education through my courses in the UTeach program. And finally, I strive to explore my creative side through my artwork.

I go to school at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm a Computer Science major in the Turing Scholars honors program. Additionally, I am pursuing two certificates: one in digital art and media and one in teaching. I love learning new things and challenging myself to explore new fields. I'm always excited by a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new.

In my free time, I can be found riding a bike, learning some new dance choreography, or playing a game with friends and family.


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CoronOS +
Implemented a rudimentary microkernel modeled off of seL4. Provided security guarantees through a comprehensive design of capabilities and a clean interface. Provided user-space abstractions for UNIX-like syscalls on top of capabilities. Provided endpoints for communication between servers. Provided robust testing harness and tests.
Nanos +
Contributed to the Nanos open source repository. Nanos is an open-source unikernel implementation. Specifically contributed to: the bootloader, focusing on loading in a binary to be read by the BIOS and the testing suite for mmap.
JOS in JOS +
Completed the implementation of a hypervisor that ran the JOS Operating System inside JOS. Implemented support for JOS to be running in a paravirtualized environment. Specifically worked on adding support for extended page tables and for inter-process communication.
UNIX Shell +
Implemented a UNIX shell that supported background and foreground jobs, redirected I/O, signal handling, and several other features. Worked extensively with the UNIX syscall interface - specifically those that interacted with program I/O and signals.



Thanks for visiting my site! If you saw something interesting don't be afraid to email me at nikita@cs.utexas.edu or nikitasharma@utexas.edu!
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