Wade Burch

Undergrad, B.S. Computer Science


In 1994, my father rebooted my computer from Windows 3.1 to DOS, handed me a Tandy 1000 manual to GW-BASIC, and showed me how to get started. Nineteen years later, I'm still eating, sleeping, and breathing code.

I am most familiar with C, C++, and Java, although I have some exposure to Python, Visual Basic, Lisp, and most web markups/scripting languages.

I expect to graduate in Spring 2014.

Current Projects:

Heterogeneous Computing and Advanced Visualization
GitHub Page and Repository
Began as a meta-project to unite CS 354 Graphics concepts and evolved into an exploration of GPU capabilities through OpenCL kernels, OpenGL Compute Shaders, and OpenCL-OpenGL interoperability.

Past Projects:

WiFi Auto Toggle (Android) (2012)
Nolnoch Market Page
An Android app to manage location-based toggling of the WiFi power. This is now largely superfluous with the release of post-4.0 Android OS but was necessary for some phone models (mine) under pre-4.0 OS. Challenges included balancing location-obtaining services and application lifetime so as not to make moot any benfit from having disabled the WiFi chip.

Ubuntu 12.04 on Asus TF101 Tablet (2011)
GitHub Repository
Kernel hacking ("development") to port a standard install of Ubuntu 12.04 to the ARM-based, Android-oriented, Asus tablet. This was a fun and messy project that would have been much easier had I had any formal training in Operating Systems or the C language at the time. Device drivers are so dirty. O.o