Components of Expertise for Knowledge Level Modeling

Ruey-Juin Chang and Gordon S. Novak Jr.
Department of Computer Sciences
University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712

Copyright © 1991 IEEE Computer Society.

This article appears in Proc. Third International Conference on Tools for Artificial Intelligence, San Jose, CA, Nov. 1991.


A new dimension of object-oriented components is presented for knowledge level modeling. From the knowledge level perspective, components are needed for modeling the problems, solution methods and their relationships in a problem-solving process. A problem can often be decomposed recursively by various methods into subproblems until reaching primitive ones. Each primitive problem is confined to a simple computational task, which can be solved by one problem-solving method. The process of problem solving is viewed as a modeling activity through explicit representation knowledge level models that are, then, operationalized. This paper describes design issues encountered when developing such a reusable component library for knowledge level models.