Here’s some of the research I’ve published.

Conference papers

    Whose Cacheline is it Anyway: Operating System Support for Live Detection & Repair of False Sharing
    M. Nanavati, M. Spear, N. Taylor, S. Rajagopalan, D. T. Meyer, W. Aiello, A. Warfield
    EuroSys 2013

Workshop papers

    Debugging Through Time with the Tralfamadore Debugger
    C. C. D. Head, G. Lefebre, M. Spear, N. Taylor, A. Warfield
    RESoLVE 2012
    Herbert West: Deanonymizer
    M. Nanavati, N. Taylor, W. Aiello, A. Warfield
    HotSec 2011


    Iodine: Interactive Program Partitioning
    N. Taylor, A. Warfield
    OSDI 2010


    Cachekata: Memory Hierarchy Optimization via Dynamic Binary Translation
    Nathan Taylor
    Msc. Thesis 2013