Here are some of the non-academic presentations I’ve given.

    ELF Off the Shelf
    A guest lecture introducing the ELF file format and dynamic linking to undergraduate CS students.
    Cache Ruins Everything Around Me!
    A guest lecture introducing cache consistency to undergraduate CS students.
    Let's build a HyperCard RPG!
    My first foray into livestreaming, featuring a period-appropriate playlist.
    Hands on HTTP/2: A Fresh Start to the Web
    QCon SF
    This hands-on tutorial introduced developers to stream-oriented network protocols and low-level H2 libraries.
    Beyond Breakpoints: A Tour of Dynamic Analysis
    QCon NYC
    I introduced techniques from the research community for runtime program analysis, debugging, and introspection.
    OS Scalability: Two Approaches
    Papers We Love SF
    I talked about the Corey research OS and the authors' followup work on Linux parallelism, and editorialised on systems research and grad school.
    Racing To Win: Correct Concurrency with Race Conditions
    An introduction to concurrency and lock-free programming, co-authored with a work colleague.
    Your Computer Is Already A Distributed System, Why Isn't Your OS?
    Papers We Love SF
    In this talk I presented the Barrelfish operating system to an audience of industrial software developers.