Anna Gál

Ph.D. in Computer Science: University of Chicago, 1995 (Advisor: János Simon)

Contact Information

Email: panni at cs dot utexas dot edu
Phone:(512) 471-9539
Fax:(512) 471-8885
Office: GDC 4.420
Postal: Department of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
Austin, TX 78712

Research Interests

Computational complexity, communication complexity, coding theory,
circuit complexity, lower bound methods, algorithms, and combinatorics.


Algorithms and computational theory group


SPRING 2022: CS388M Communication Complexity

FALL 2021: CS353 Theory of Computation

Former Ph.D. Students

Jeff Ford, ``Lower Bound Methods for Multiparty Communication Complexity'', Ph. D. May 2006.

Vladimir Trifonov, ``Techniques for Analyzing the Computational Power of Constant-Depth Circuits and Space-Bounded Computation'', Ph. D. August 2006.

Andrew Mills, "Lower Bounds and Correctness Results for Locally Decodable Codes", Ph. D. August 2011.

Keith Jing-Tang Jang, ``The Size and Depth of Boolean Circuits'', Ph. D. August 2013.

Siddhesh Chaubal, "Complexity Measures of Boolean Functions and their Applications", Ph. D. December 2020.