CS344M: Autonomous Multiagent Systems -- Fall 2015: -- -- Undergraduate Writing Center Course Specialist Consultant Program

Undergraduate Writing Center Course Specialist Consultant Program

The University Writing Center is located in the PCL Learning Commons and offers free, individualized, expert writing help for any UT undergraduate by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Your Course Specialist Consultant (CSC) is a special kind of UWC consultant who is dedicated to helping you and your classmates with writing in this particular course. Your CSC will attend this class with you and meet regularly with me to discuss our writing assignments. And as the semester goes on, they will become familiar with the course's content (though they are not and will not become content experts), your writing projects, and my expectations for writing. As students in this course, you and your peers have priority over other UT undergraduates when scheduling consultations with your CSC in the UWC. To schedule a consultation with your CSC, register for a UWC account at uwc.utexas.edu/appointments, then call or stop by the UWC Front Desk (512-471-6222) OR email your CSC directly so they can schedule on your behalf.

If you schedule through the front desk, indicate that you're seeking a consultation with your CSC and provide their first and last name. Otherwise, the Front Desk staffer will schedule you with another UWC consultant. All our consultants are intensively trained to provide support on any project, but they will not have your CSC's course-specific understanding of your writing assignments and instructor expectations. If you schedule by emailing your CSC, please remember that they are a busy undergraduate like you: please email them at least 24 hours in advance of your desired consultation time, allow at least 12 hours for a response, and provide at least three different hour-blocks of time when you'll be available during their shift, the times/days for which they should share with you verbally and on paper at the beginning of the semester. Please schedule consultations with your CSC only in regard to writing assignments for this class. Otherwise, you might take CSC consultation time away from your classmates. For help with writing projects outside this class, I strongly encourage you to schedule consultations with other UWC consultants, which you can do online at uwc.utexas.edu/appointments.

Important notes on scheduling: Your CSC will be available to you and all your fellow students for about 6-7 consultations every week. Accordingly, they may "book up" very quickly, especially in the weeks before major deadlines. I strongly encourage you to schedule consultations with them well in advance, and to keep a record of upcoming appointments on your personal calendar. If you miss two consultations with your CSC, you will still be able to meet with them, but only on a "walk-in" basis. Finally, if your schedules don't match up, then you may be unavailable to see your CSC during their pre-scheduled UWC shifts. I hope this will not be the case, but if it is, I strongly encourage you to seek out other UWC consultants when you're available. You can meet with your CSC once per day per assignment and twice per day total. And if class demand for consultations with your CSC gets especially high, they will limit individuals to a certain number of consultations per week.

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