This is your chance to influence the direction of the course for the rest of the semester. Don't feel a need to answer all questions. But please try to be as constructive as possible in your comments. Whenever possible, they will be taken into account.

0. Name: (optional)


1. General:

    1.1  What do you like most about the class so far?


    1.2  What do you dislike most about the class so far?


2. Content:

    2.1  Are there any issues you've come across so far about which you're
           particularly interested in learning more?


3. Reading assignments:

    3.1  How are the reading assignments ?

         Very Good   Good   Average   Poor  No Comments   

    3.2  How much time per week do you spend on the reading assignments?

    3.3  Any other comments?


4. Web page:

    4.1  Is the web page informative enough?

          Yes    No   No Comments

    4.2  Anything you would like to see changed on or added to the course web-page?


5. Class sessions:

    5.1 What do you think of the class sessions?


    5.2 How do you like the discussion format?

         Very Good   Good   Average   Poor  No Comments   

    5.3 Any suggestions for improvements?


6. Professor:

    6.1  Have you had any interactions with the professor outside of class?

          Yes    No   No Comments

    6.2  If so, has he been helpful?

          Yes    No   No Comments

    6.3  Any other comments.


7. Shivaram:

    7.1  Have you had any interactions with Shivaram?

          Yes    No   No Comments

    7.2  Is Shivaram helpful?

          Yes    No   No Comments



8. Any other comments: