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The objective of this challenge is to check how the most fundamental skill of moving a ball to the specified area under several conditions with no (Level I), stationary (Level II), or moving ( Level III) obstacles in the field can be acquired in various kinds of agent architectures, and to evaluate merits and demerits of realized skills using the standard tasks.

The specifications of the ball and the surface of the field is an issue common to all the challenges in the physical agent track. In order to emerge various behaviors, the field surface should not be so rough as to prevent the ball from rolling, but not so smooth that there is no friction. The former would rule out kicking or passing, and the latter, dribbling.

Since there are few variations of the task environment in Level I, agent architecture, and sensing in particular, is a major focus. In Level II motion control is the central issue, and in Level III prediction of the motion of obstacles is the key issue.

Peter Stone
Tue Sep 23 10:25:58 EDT 1997