AGENTS-2001 Workshop
May 29, 2001
Montreal, Canada

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Intelligent agents often work in environments which are at best partially understood and where the domain characteristics or participants change over time. Under such circumstances, learning and adaptation are key for obtaining good performance. In addition, agents can serve their associate users much more effectively if they are able to capture the unspecified and/or changing preferences of these users.

Another aspect of agent based systems is that they often are situated in a multiagent environment. Agents in such systems have to interact both with associated users and other agents. Coordination of the activities of multiple agents, whether selfish or cooperative, is essential for the viability of any system in which multiple agents must coexist. Learning and adaptation are invaluable mechanisms by which agents can evolve coordination strategies that meet the demands of the environment and the requirements of individual agents.

The goal of this workshop is to focus on research addressing the unique requirements that autonomous agents impose on learning methods. The Learning Agents workshop organized jointly at the Agents'2000 and ECML'2000 conferences started a fruitful discussion between researchers involved in designing and applying machine learning techniques to autonomous agents. The workshop attracted more than 40 researchers studying learning agents. The workshop ended with a lively discussion regarding the special properties of agent learning as opposed to machine learning in general. The proposed workshop aims to continue and extend the discussion started last year.

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Important Dates

Workshop: May 29, 2001