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Peter's Friends' Pages

  • Astro has some cool art/book/movie recommendations on his page.

  • Astro, John, Chris, and Chris started Body Media, Inc.

  • A lot of the things on this page are from Justin Boyan's (old) home page. He now works at ITA Software

  • Beewee's Wall To Wall Studios page is superb. B. is also an organizer of PUMP.

  • George Meuller is growing Color Kinetics, a digital lighting company.

  • Mike Marfino's page.

  • Mark Caserta works at the New Yourk League of Conservation Voters in New York City and plays in a band called Dutch Kills.

  • Rob Harris, Greg Gonzalez, and Greg Yadzinski play in Dr. Fu in DC.

  • Tammy's Cousin Avi in Israel put together a nice website.

  • Blogs run by Geoff Manne and Seth Weinberger.

  • Peter Stone
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