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Logic, Sets, and Recursion, Second Edition,
by Robert L. Causey

Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA, 2006.  ISBN: 0763737844, 512 pp.

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Logic, set theory, and mathematical induction play essential roles in modern mathematics and computer science. This book is intended to fill the gap between rigorous, advanced mathematical logic texts and "discrete mathematics" texts that do not treat logic with the depth required in modern computer science. It will prepare students for advanced courses in mathematics, computer science, and logic and its applications.

A primary goal of this text is to teach students how to construct and write informal, but rigorous, mathematical proofs using basic set theory, recursive definitions, and mathematical induction. Recursion and induction are introduced with the natural numbers but are also applied to non-numerical data types. Another major goal is to introduce formal logic. The semantics of formalized languages is emphasized along with formal derivations and elementary metatheory. Relations between formal and informal proofs are discussed, as are heuristic strategies for constructing proofs

Corrections to Logic, Sets, and Recursion, Second Edition  (PDF)

Correctons to Logic, Sets, and Recursion,  Revised Edition  (PDF)


A Czech translation of this page is at Logické, Sady, a rekurze, Second Edition, Robert L. Causey

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