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Rohan Ramchand

University of Texas at Austin | Class of 2017

BS Computer Science | BS Mathematics | Dean's Scholar


semester one

[UGS 303] Originality in the Arts and Sciences (Sacha Kopp)
[M 427L-AP] Advanced Calculus with Applications II (John Gilbert)
[CS 314H] Data Structures (Calvin Lin)
[CS 311H] Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (Peter Stone)

semester two

[CS 429H] Computer Organization and Architecture (Emmett Witchel)
[M 427K-H] Advanced Calculus with Applications I (Dan Knopf)
[M 341] Matrices and Matrix Theory (Ronny Hadani)
[M 375] Undergraduate Research Conference Course (John Gilbert)

full resume


I occasionally take notes from different classes. I've included some below.





about the graphic

The graph above is the Lorenz attractor, an interesting model of chaotic behavior. Small changes in the initial conditions of the differential equations system whose solution generates this graph result in huge changes in the resulting solution, which is the definition of chaos.