CS378: Concurrency: Honors

Final Project

This is the main project of the course. Each student (or group of 2) can have their own project, based on their interests, research, or any other topic approved by the instructor.

You should implement the deliverables as laid out in your project plan.

You will have to submit a project write-up which contain the following.

  • Background of the project's goals (in slightly more detail than that expected in the proposal)
  • Overview of major design decisions / issues
  • Any important implementation tricks / hacks
  • Any major limitations of your implementation, unexpected roadblocks, and/or future improvements for your project.
  • Evaluation: This is the most important section of the write-up. Your quantitative evaluation, as well as any results and conclusions that you have reached.

    In addition to the write-up, you should plan on a short (about 10 minute) presentation of your project. Consider doing a short demo.

    Please report how much time you spent on the lab.