I'm a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, completing a B.S. in Computer Science and a Minor in Business. I'm interested in a career at the intersection of technology and business in the software field.

In university, I'm involved in Texas Momentum where I had the chance to work at Cornerstone as a Software Engineer and grow my skills in the MERN Stack. I'm also involved in Machine Learning & Data Science (MLDS) where I'm coding in Python and learning about A.I.

In Summer 2022, I was a Software Engineer Intern at Nordstrom where I built a cool full-stack app to creatively display changes in product data for retail partners!


  • Nordstrom Software Engineering Intern

    Created full-stack app to look up and creatively display changes in recorded product data for retail partners.

  • Cornerstone Software Engineer

    Converted mobile app to stylish website using React Native.
    Developed automatic PDF generation for construction bid requests.

  • ConstructConnect
    Programming Intern

    Designed a website & login forms with ReactJS.
    Performed product testing across multiple operating systems.



  • Built a task tracker app using React Hooks, assembled local database with mock REST API using JSON Server tool
  • Engineered a full-stack Twitter clone with Material UI React Component Library and Google Firebase on backend
  • Designed basic HTML page to add and display blog posts, used Fetch API and Redux Toolkit to manage state

Social Security Administration Name Analysis

This Java program analyzed data on the 1000 most popular baby names every decade since 1900 from the Social Security Administration's website. The program was used to discover a surge in popularity for Disney Princess names (such as Aurora, Belle, or Jasmine) at two times in the past century. Once when the original Disney movie came out, and again when Disney released a remake and/or live show.

Huffman Zip File Software

Built a zip file software using binary trees, priority queues, and hash maps to compress and decompress files using the standard Huffman lossless data compression algorithm.


  • Java
  • Spring Boot
  • React
  • Python
  • C

I'm Oracle Certified in Java and have experience creating fullstack apps with Spring Boot and React. I use Python regularly for machine learning models and A.I. work. I coded in C for half a year creating a memory management application, an x86-64 system emulator, and a command line interpreter. Lastly, my 4 years of programming experience in high school courses allowed me to develop my skills in many coding languages. I worked on various projects including a Falling Sand Game, Kaleidoscope Envisioner, Pac-Man Emulator, PHP & HTML websites, and much more.