Ryan Travers

Austin, Texas

About Me

Hello! I'm a senior majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Business at the University of Texas at Austin. My focus of study has been in Networks and Network Security, as can be seen in my projects. I also have some experience in Game Development using the Unreal Engine 4. I'm also beginning to explore running a Homelab hosting private services like Jellyfin for myself and close friends and family to get more experiece with DevOps!

Academic Qualification

  • University of Texas at Austin Student 2017 - 2021
  • Bachelors of Science - Computer Science
  • Minor - Business


  • PoliticsIn.Review (Current Project, WIP) 2021

    Politics In Review is a website built to provide transparancy on the intersection between Politicians, Lobbiests and the Laws that they get passed. It is built with a React Native frontend on a Flask Backend and a RESTful api designed with Postman. It was built in collaboration with other students for a Software Engineering class at UT.

  • Network Security Labs 2021

    A series of labs delving into Network Security. Lab 1 is simple hub&spoke use as setup for future projects. Lab 2 implements the Bell Lapadula Security model. Lab 3 implements the server side of TLS. Lab 4 performs ROP injection.

  • CyberPhysical Systems Projects 2020

    A series of projects exploring the concept of CyberPhysical systems and Robotics. These projects were unfortunately done during the height of Covid-19, and are thus run mostly in simulators. Notable topics are image recognition and PID Controllers, which are implemented in projects 2 and 3.

  • PintOS Operating System 2019

    A series of projects adding functionality to the PintOS Operating System. I helped implement threading, virtual memory, and parts of the Filesystem.