Who am I?

I am an aspiring Machine Learning and Software Engineer who enjoys connecting the dots: be it ideas from different disciplines, people from different teams, or applications from different fields. I am working towards strengthening my technical skills and pursuing an academic background in Computer Science (concentrating in ML/SWE) at the University of Texas at Austin. My passion lies in solving complex real-world problems with data and algorithms and communicating efficiently to maximize productivity. I try to jump across verticals to deliver high-performing solutions for current problems in our ever-developing society. Overall, I have a strong work ethic, good time management skills, take leadership, and collaborate to have excellent teamwork.


  • VantaShala

    Used VueJS with Vuetify to create an interactive UI for the home page & start a kitchen page for a multi cadence food ordering system. Created microservices using Java with SpringBoot to create RESTFul services with MongoDB as the backend to store orders, user details, chef details

  • VS Tutors

    Taught 10+ students object oriented CS concepts, data structures in Java & Python. Managed website, registration, 5 classes per week, 2 volunteer tutors

  • A4 Data

    Used Selenium and Java to automate UI/UX testing of login and home page for a variety of use cases. Developed, tested, and implemented technical solutions across a full-stack of development technologies in a data-driven work space


  • getItDone

    Developed a full-stack "TODO" web application that keeps track of tasks user needs to get done using Spring Boot and Java which provided a REST API. Created repositories, services, models, and controllers for Rest API for user and ”todo” records. Hands on with React as the front end (utilized components of React Bootstrap) to develop pages to handle CRUD

  • Test Yourself

    Developed a full-stack quiz application using Jakarta Server Pages and Java Servlets where user can customize quiz questions. Used mySQL connection with Java to store quiz questions and answers for validation purposes

Technical Skills

Java, Python (pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib), SQL, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML/CSS
React, Angular, Vue, Git, Docker, VS Code, IntelliJ, RDBMS (Oracle, mySQL), NoSQL (MongoDB)