Who I Am

I am a computer science major at the University of Texas at Austin. Computer science is not just a career choice for me; it is my passion. Outside of class projects and coding assignments, I frequently enjoy working on projects of my own. Since my first computer science course in high school, I have developed dozens of applications of various size, from small "proof of concept" programs to StoneQuest, the largest Java application I have assumed alone with, at last count, ~13,000 lines of source code.


I studied computer science for two years at LeTourneau University in east Texas before transferring to the University of Texas at Austin in the spring of 2012. I plan to graduate in 2014 after which I intend to pursue a master's degree in the same field.

Programming Languages

I consider myself proficient in the following programming languages.

  • Java
  • C
  • HTML, CSS and (some) JavaScript
  • C++

I have also become reasonably familiar with Perl, Lisp and SQL during my studies at UT.

Programming Interests

Through both the classes I have taken in college as well as my own curiosity, I have developed interests in many areas of computer science; notably,

  • Swarm behavior
  • Artificial intelligence
    • Path-finding
    • Human-machine interaction
  • Network communication
  • Distributed computing
  • CG / graphic design