Creating a zip file via Eclipse with no directory structure.

CS314 requires to turn in your files for programming assignments in a single zip file.

This page explains how to create such a zip via the Eclipse IDE.

The files in this example are for CS314 assignment 1, code camp.

We have an Eclipse Java project names CS314_A1.

To create a zip named with the and files in it:

  1. With the project selected click File -> Export. The following pop-up window will appear.


  2. Expand General and select Archive File


  3. Click the Next button.


  4. In the next window:

    - uncheck all directories on the left

    - navigate to the directory with your source code

    - uncheck all directories in the left hand window.

    - check the proper source code files in the right hand window. For assignment 1, and

    - ensure Save in zip format is selected.

    - ensure Create only selected directories is selected

    - name the file

    click the browse button to ensure you create the file in a location on your system you can easily find and access

    NOTE: IN THE ABOVE DRAWING THE src DIRECTORY IS NOT CHECKED. A small box appears because one or more of the files in the src directory are included in the zip. The box is okay. A CHECKMARK IN THE src DIRECORY IS NOT OKAY. THAT MEANS THE WHOLE src DIRECTORY STRUCTURE IS BEING INCLUDED.


  5. When all the proper selections are made click the Finish button.

You can and should check the file your created by unzipping it in a location other than the original directory. Check the files in the zip are the correct ones.