Shrey Desai

I am a third-year computer science undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin, advised by Jessy Li, and an intern at Facebook Assistant Language. Previously, I was a software engineering intern at Uber and Microsoft.

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I'm broadly interested in machine learning and natural language processing, especially deep learning. Recent interests include weakly supervised learning, domain adaptation, and generative modeling. Representative projects are highlighted.

Word Embedding Aware Convolutional Networks for Sentiment Analysis
Shrey Desai
LIN 350 (Computational Semantics), Fall 2019

Analyzing the impact of pre-trained word embeddings (Word2vec, GloVe, and Numberbatch) on sentiment analysis tasks.


Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, CS 439 Spring 2018

  • Lala Fay & Claude DeVan Watts Endowed Presidential Scholarship (2019)