package aboutMe;

public class Shruti extends CS Major {
    public Shruti() {
      String fullName = "Shruti Patel";
      String homeTown = "Austin, TX";
      String school = "UT Austin";
      int expGraduation = May 2025;
      Resume resume = new Resume("pdf");
      String[] hobbiesAndInterests = new String[] {
        "working out",
        "spending time w/ dogs",
    public static void contact() { }


University of Texas, Austin

B.S. - Computer Science

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Relevant Coursework:

Computer Science

  • Introduction to Programming (CS 312)
  • Energy Analytics Research with Data Science & Machine Learning (CS 309)

Other Relevant Learning Experience

  • Harvard CS50 (Java, C)
  • Google CSSI (Firebase, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Cloudshell)
  • Kode With Klossy (HTML, Javascript, CSS, Swift)

*in progress


Image Classification

Developed an interpreter that classifies and segments geographic features of a land cover satellite image. Mask-images will be produced with colors of geographic features corresponding to the statelite image.

Link to Jupyter Notebook

UT Tower

Created a program that recreates the UT Tower based ona constant. The UT Tower is adjustable through changes in the constant variable.

Link to Github

Rock Paper Scissors

Developed a Rock Paper Scissors Game which analyzes user input and plays against a computer. The computer choices are generated through a random player object to mimic a rock paper scissor simulation.

Link to Github

Hangman Game

Developed a Hangman game where users must guess a randomly generated word.

Link to Github

Post Workout

Built a workout-social media application that allows users to create post, view others post, and locate the neares gym through the use of an api. Users data is stored in google's cloudshell server.

Link to Github
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Firebase, Cloudshell


A simple app to help young voters get politically active; published on the app store October 2020 and advertised on Karlie Kloss's instagram, reaching nearly 9 million people. Built on Xcode using Swift.


Link to App Store
Swift, XCode

Brain Break

The Brain Break site includes two tabs: Brain Game and Productivity. The Brain Game is short, interactive game where you can help your brain calm down.

Link to Dev Post
HTML / CSS / JavaScript

Personal Website

This website was made from pure HTML/CSS! I also drew all of the icons using Adobe Sketch.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript


Created a website that combats imposters syndrome in STEM by allowing users to take a quiz and get a recommended letter of STEM to check out potential careers.

SheTem Demo
HTML / CSS / JavaScript, React