Hi there! I'm an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin majoring in Computer Science. I'm currently looking for an internship in software or app development where I can write real code, for real people who do care about my code. On my free time I like to explore new places, bike, mess around with new code, and create 3D animations. In the future I hope to work in the field of artificial intelegence and robotics.



I love to get my hands on as many areas of technology as I can. From creative 3D animation and design, to software development and even computer repair, I've done more than your regular CS undergraduate. In order to do this, I try to keep myself up to date with the latest technologies and gadgets in the industry. In short, I guess you could say I like to do applied Computer Science, rather than just theoretical CS.


High School

Carl Wunsche Sr. (magnet) High School, Houston, TX. Focus in 3D animation and design.


3D designer intern at Fuel FX LLC, Houston, TX.


University of Texas at Austin. Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.


Contact Me

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