Hello There, I'm Sam!

Picture of me

(I don’t normally dress this fancy, this was after an orchestra concert)

Hello There, I'm Sam!

I’m a third-year CS student and a TA for CS314.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached here.

About This Website #

This website has tutorials and extra study materials I hope you’ll find useful!

You can use the sidebar to explore the various pages of this site.

If you have any requests for tutorials or review problems or if you find any errors in any of the articles, be sure to let me know!

All of the source code for the website is available here.

Other Resources #

Some of the other TAs for CS314 also have very helpful online resources:

  • Nina’s website has practice exam questions, study suggestions, and a beautiful design!

  • Andrew made a really cool visualization tool that walks you through the insertion algorithms for Binary Search Trees and Red Black Trees.

  • Andrew also made a visual debugger for the LinkedList assignment here.