Siavash Mirarab


I am a fourth year PhD student working under the supervision of Prof. Tandy Warnow and Prof. Keshav Pingali. My PhD research has been supported through a NSERC PGS award and Howard Hughes Medical Institute international student fellowship.

I work in the area of computational biology, more specifically large scale phylogenetics. My research spans many topics, in particular estimation of species trees from gene trees (phylogenomics), large scale multiple sequence alignment, and metagenomic analysis using phylogenetic placement.

Here is my (hopefully up-to-date) CV.


See my gitub page to see all my publicly available software programs.

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Highlights and invited talks:

Publications (see citations at google scholar)

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Siavash Mir arabbaygi
Dept of Computer Science
University of Texas at Austin
2317 Speedway, Stop D9500
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