The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
Pursuing Ph.D. in Computer Science, September 2014 - Present 

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India
M.Tech in Image Processing and Embedded Systems, Department of E&ECE, 2012-2014

Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata, India
B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engg. from Department of ECE , 2007-2011

Teaching @ UT Austin

CS 384G: Computer Graphics (Spring 16, Spring 17)
CS 429: Computer Organization and Architecture (Summer 15)
CS 439: Principles of Computer Systems (Spring 15, Fall 14)
CS 378: Programming For Performance (Fall 14)

Courses @ UT Austin

CS 395T: Advanced Geometry Processing (Spring 17)
SDS 384: Bayesian Methods (Spring 17)
EE 381K: Convex Optimization (Fall 16)
CS 395T: Deep Learning Seminar (Fall 16)
CS 391L: Machine Learning (Spring 16)
SDS 386D: Monte Carlo Statistical Methods (Spring 16)
CS 386C: Dependable Computing Systems (Fall 15)
CS 388S: Formal Semantics and Verification (Fall 15)
CS 395T: Statistical/Discrete Mtds. for Data Analysis (Spring 15)
CS 384G: Computer Graphics (Spring 15)
CS 383: Numerical Analysis and Linear Algebra (Fall 14)
CS 388G: Algorithms: Techniques and Theory (Fall 14)

Courses @ IIT Kharagpur

EC60501: Digital Image Processing
EC60502: Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding
EC60064: Biomedical Syst. Engg. and Automation
EC60104: Multimedia Systems and Applications
EC60012: Advanced Operating System
EC60074: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
EC60011: Data Structure & Object Representation
EC60503: Embedded Systems Design
EC60504: Computer Communication And Networking
EC60291: Architectural Design of ICs