I'm currently a Computer Science and Mathematics student at the University of Texas at Austin. I'm also a member of the Turing Scholars Honors program. I've got some work hosted at github.com/splewis/. I also really enjoy Mahler symphonies. But who doesn't... right?


Also see github.com/splewis/.

Gravity Golf

This is a game I started long ago in High School. The premise is that you launch a ball into space and try to get it to reach it's goal. This is made harder by the planets in the way which pull the ball and affects its trajectory. It's mostly written in Java, but I've written/rewritten certain sections in Scala and begun getting to work properly with SBT. (Before I relied on Eclipse to do the dirty work).

It is hosted at github.com/splewis/GravityGolf. Below are some screenshots of the game.

Clicking to give the initial velocity Watching the ball go


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