Swadhin Pradhan

Swadhin Pradhan

Swadhin Pradhan

I am a fourth year PhD student at the Computer Science Department of The University of Texas at Austin. I currently work with Prof. Lili Qiu. I was a member of the Complex Networks Research Group at IIT Kharagpur..

Contact me at swadhin [at] cs [dot] utexas [dot] edu.

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Teaching Assistant

Last Spring, I was a TA of Natural Language Processing (CS 388), which is being taught by Prof. Ray Mooney.

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My CV is found Here. Latex Source Code of the CV is also found Here.

Contact information

Email: swadhin (AT) cs (dot) utexas (DOT) edu or swadhin (AT) utexas (DOT) edu.
Office: GDC 6.802D, UTAusin.
Phone: +1-737-222-8807.