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DPLLSolver Class Reference

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struct  stack_elem

Public Member Functions

 DPLLSolver (set< Term * > &ilp_terms, map< Term *, SatValue > *assignments=NULL)
 DPLLSolver (CNode *theory_tautologies, set< Term * > &ilp_terms, map< Term *, SatValue > *assignments=NULL)
void push (CNode *c)
void pop ()
CNodeget_stack ()
void restrict (CNode *background)
bool is_sat ()
CNodeget_background_assumptions ()
string get_stats ()
CNodeget_current_assignment ()
int get_num_consecutive_boolean_complete () const
double boolean_complete_ratio () const
double time_verifying_boolean_assignment () const
int num_clauses_checked_in_theory () const
CNodesubstitute_partial_assignment (CNode *constraint)

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