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MSAFinder Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 MSAFinder (CNode *node, map< VariableTerm *, int > &costs)
 MSAFinder (CNode *c, set< CNode * > &background, map< VariableTerm *, int > &costs)
const set< VariableTerm * > & get_vars_in_msa ()
int get_cost ()
string get_stats ()
string res_to_string ()

Public Attributes

map< VariableTerm *, int > & costs
int min_estimate
set< VariableTerm * > msa
map< VariableTerm *, Term * > var_to_fun_map
map< Term *, set< set< Term * > > > dependencies
int mpi_estimate
int fun_counter
int num_e_elims
int e_elim_time
int num_a_elims
int a_elim_time
int a_approximate
int a_approximate_time
int num_unsat_universal
int num_unsat_approx_universal
int dependence_time
int num_dep_success
int simplify_time
int mpi_time
int prune1_solve
int prune2_solve
int e_only
int a_only
int total
int cost_pruned
int max_cost
set< Term * > vars_in_min_pi

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