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ModLeaf Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ModLeaf:
Leaf CNode

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Public Member Functions

Termget_term ()
long int get_mod_constant ()
void to_ilp (set< ILPLeaf * > &ilp_leaves, bool pos, int temp_id)
virtual bool operator== (const CNode &other)
virtual CNodesubstitute (map< Term *, Term * > &subs)
virtual string to_string ()
VariableTermget_ilp_temp (int temp_id)
pair< VariableTerm
*, VariableTerm * > 
get_ilp_temps (int temp_id)

Static Public Member Functions

static CNodemake (Term *t, long int k, Term *r)
static CNodemake (Term *t, long int k, long int r)
static CNodemake (Term *t, long int k)

Protected Member Functions

 ModLeaf (Term *t, long int k)


class boost::serialization::access

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