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Solver Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Solver (CNode *node, simplification_level level, map< Term *, SatValue > *assignments=NULL, bool use_dnf=false)
 Solver (CNode *node, CNode *assumptions, simplification_level level, map< Term *, SatValue > *assignments=NULL)
CNodesolve (CNode *node, CNode *assumptions, simplification_level level, map< Term *, SatValue > *assignments)
CNodeget_result ()
string get_stats ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool implies (CNode *node1, CNode *node2)
static bool equivalent (CNode *node1, CNode *node2)
static CNodeget_relevant_background (CNode *background, CNode *formula_to_simplify)

Protected Member Functions

CNodepropagate_equalities (CNode *node, CNode *&active_constraint)
void add_to_replacement_map (Term *to_replace, Term *replacement, map< Term *, Term * > &replacement_map)

Protected Attributes

int fresh_var_counter
int solve_count
int literal_count
int clause_cache_hit_count
int cache_hits
int solve_time
int imply_time
int num_imply


class InteractionManager
class QueryComparator
class ClauseSolve
class VariableEliminator

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