Streaming UDP Video

This small test was originally implemented as a proof of concept to get streaming video for the Cyclops project. The video sender uses OpenCV to read video frames from a webcam, and sends the data over UPD to the video receiver. The images are compressed with the standard JPEG algorithm before being sent.

Here is a screenshot of the video being transmitted from the server to the client:

The client (left) is receiving video frames from the server (right).

After we designed this experiment and got it working, we were able to successfully implement this code into the Cyclops client and robot software to enable UDP video transmission. The original code for this project (Windows only) is available for download here, but this is older code written a few years ago and may not work.

Recently, chenxiaoqino wrote new code to implement UDP video streaming using OpenCV3. This code also supports multi-cast streaming! You can check it out here.

I also started working on a new version of the code, but it is still work-in-progress. You can view that code here.

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