Websocket Chat

In order to get familiar with Websockets, I decided to make a very basic client and server chat system. The client was implemented as a web page, and the server was written in Python. The web page connects to the server through a websocket. The server code was later used for implementing the web-based display system in the Text Editor Tournament software.

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The Python server follows the Websocket protocol in order to successfully communicate with the web page. The protocol begins with a handshake, where a websocket key is sent by the client (the web page), and the server replies with a hash value derived from the provided key. Then, the server can send and receive messages to and from the client.

The client side was much easier to implement. A simple HTML web page with some Javascript code is all it takes to get a Websocket client running.

The Python server code helped with creating the Text Editor Tournament software, which used Websockets to send messages to the overhead web-based display. Another potential use could be for implementing an online multiplayer mode in Cosmos Fight in the future.

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