Cosmos Fight

Cosmos Fight (working title) is a 2D space shooter game built with the web in mind. The goal of this project is to create a complete game that uses nothing more than the web browser on your computer to provide a full and exciting gaming experience. There are currently three people working to design and develop this project.

Here is a short gameplay video of one of our test levels:

Source code for this project is available on GitHub!

You can try out the latest version of the game here. Note that this is not a release version of the game, and it is loaded directly from our Github development repo. It is not finished, and it is likely to contain to glitches.

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Cosmos Fight was built using the HTML5 Canvas. It is written exclusively in Javascript, so it can be played on any browser that supports the modern standards of the web.

This is a screen recording of the very first Cosmos Fight boss, The Central Core. The player's objective is to break through all of the outer triangular shields and destroy the inner core. However, certain defense mechanisms won't make this easy. The boss shoots at the player, randomly uses one of three special abilities, and rotates every time its shields have been damaged to defend itself. The closer a player gets to the core, the tougher the fight will be.

Our goal is to create a large variety of enemies for the player to face in Cosmos Fight. This includes complex enemies with interesting mechanics, and elaborate boss battles.

A powerful collision detection system was built right into the core game engine. It provides pixel-perfect accuracy in determining when any object on the game field interacts with another.

Phases are a mechanism built into each level of the game. If the player dies, instead of having to replay the entire level, the game will pick up at the last checkpoint, or phase, of the level at the cost of a life and 10% of the player's current score. This allows for a quick and much less painful recovery, putting the player right back into the action.

Interactive dialog boxes can pop up throughout levels where a lore character will typically speak to the player, providing updates on the game's story. Characters might also let the player know about special game mechanics, or give them tips on defeating certain types of enemies or encounters.

You can collect bonuses (or power-ups) while fighting enemies to repair your ship, shield yourself from incoming attacks, or to temporarily upgrade your weapons. Occasionally, you might find a rare bonus that will boost your score or give you an extra life!

A custom-made options menu allows the user to adjust their gameplay experience to how they see fit. Once online accounts become available, the user will be able to save their settings permanently in the cloud.

The game implements a standard scoring system that awards points for each enemy killed. Tougher enemies will award more points than regular enemies. Additionally, the player is rewarded for avoiding incoming attacks. Each time you destroy several enemies in a row without getting hit, you will receive a substantial score bonus for your skills!

Cosmos Fight is an ongoing project. We are hard at work to improve the existing game engine, and to create new and interesting content. Notes on the latest changes to the game can be found here.

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