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As this website grew, it became a project on its own. Here is some documentation on how I made it and some of its features, and the various tools that helped in the process.

This is a "welcome" image for the gallery on the home page.

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This website was made completely from scratch as a means to both acquire more experience in web development as well as to be able to customize it as I saw fit. Its primary purpose is to serve as an online portfolio and a way to publish information about certain projects that I'm currently involved with.

PHP drives this website. Using PHP allows for repetitive HTML code to be written only once, and usable across multiple pages. For example, this image-and-text pattern is handled by a PHP script, and it is used across several of this website's pages. All I do is provide the text and the image, and the script automatically handles generating appropriately positioned and sized HTML tables.

Recently, much of the website has been redesigned to be more practical and visually appealing. The new style should feel brighter and more welcoming. Below is a small gallery of images comparing the old site with the latest version.

New Version Old Version

Evolution of the website's design:

September 2015
September 2014
January 2014
January 2013

For a full list of resources used to build this website, including sources of freely available images, graphics, and icons, please see the "About This Website" link in the footer on the bottom of the page.

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